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Würzburg, 27.06.2012 - Bonding parquet thoroughly and sound

New 1K–Parquet adhesive PALLMANN P6

As parquet layers know, the professional laying of parquet floors requires a careful selection of the most suitable parquet adhesive. The versatile, solvent-free, and water-free 1-K-Parquet adhesive Pallmann P6 combines the strength of established and time-tested 2-K-Adhesives with the simple usage of 1-K-Adhesives.

The newly developed, solvent- and water-free adhesive Pallmann P6 proves easily spreadable with outstanding trowel-pattern persistence and a high draw-adhesion. The 1-K-parquet adhesive impresses through its ability to greatly expand and fill, to generate strong adhesive grooves and to show a high resistance against ‘floating’.

The product is suitable for all prevalent parquet types. Pallmann P6 is readily combined with all other parquet varnishes and oils form the Pallmann family owing to the employment of new raw materials.

A healthy living environment and highest possible safety against hazardous emissions is ensured through certification with the GISCODE EC1 Plus, the German Blue Angel and general approval by construction authorities.