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Würzburg, 29.06.2013 - A secure contact

2K Bonding agent PALL-X 350

Existing pre-finished solid or engineered wood floors can now be safely re-coated even if there is little wood left to renovate. This challenging problem is now easily solved for any wood floor maintenance professional. Pall-X 350 is a two component bonding agent developed by the wood floor specialist Pallmann, which ensures optimised adhesion between the existing surface and the new lacquer coating without any intermediate sanding. So Pall-X 350 provides a fast, uncomplicated and cost effective refurbishment of wood floor areas, even in cases where a conventional refurbishment seems impractical.

A robust and resistant wood floor surface can be achieved with a few small steps, through the application of the bonding agent. Prior to the application a careful thorough cleaning is needed and Pallmann Clean Strong is an excellent choice for this task.

The mixed 2K bonding agent is applied with a roll or a spatula after the cleaned area has been rinsed and is completely dry. Using approximately 10 –20ml/sqm. Pall-X 350 is easy to apply and excels with its adhesion to almost all kinds of wood flooring. With the benefit of speedy drying it prepares the floor for the subsequent application of the lacquer, for instance Pall-X Extreme 2K within same day. This dust-free refurbishment alternative prolongs the lifetime of any parquet floor significantly and allows for the re-sealing of a wood floor of up to an area of 100sqm on one day.

The water based 2K – PU Bonding Agent could prove to be the perfect on-site aid in cases where and additional coat of protection is needed, corrections of sheen levels are necessary on newly laid pre-finished floors or in areas of light damage.. The application of Pall-X 350 additionally provides edge protection and joint closure for newly laid solid and engineered boards. Even the alteration of the sheen or the level of anti-slip can be adjusted on clients request with a subsequent lacquer coat.

And that’s not all – incredibly the application of Pall-X 350 can also change an oiled surface to a lacquered surface without the need of a full sanding cycle.

See the video about PALL-X 350!