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Würzburg, 17.02.2014 - A solvent-free, 2K oil based primer for colourful wood floors

The rapid growth in the market of coloured or stained floors reflects customers increasing needs to have something different for their wood floors. Whether newly laid or replaced within refurbishment schemes the staining of parquet floors offers countless opportunities for an individualised design but can be problematic. The new solvent-free, oil primer, Pallmann Pall-X 333 Color is a truly innovative product system for the wood floor professional as it can be used as a primer coat for different lacquers as well as for oil based coatings.

The two component, oil primer, Pall-X 333 Color imparts a vivid and warm hue to wood, which can then be finished with all Pall-X lacquers, i.e. Pall-X Zero A/B or Pall-X 96.

Another advantage of Pall-X 333 Color is increased time efficiency when using this primer as there is no need for any adhesion-promoting agent. The primed area can easily be finished with Pallmann lacquer after just 12 hours (white color after 24 hours). Where an oiled surface finish is desired the application of the parquet oil Magic Oil 2K is recommended.

As well as this easy and problem free application, a full palette of colours can be achieved on the wood floor. The combination of liquid oils is suitable for all commercially available European timber species and offers six, fully mixable, colour variations in nature, white, black, grey, dark-brown and red-brown. This amounts to a large range of design options and warrants a brilliant result.

And of course all solvent free!