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Würzbürg , 04.04.2012 - New wood floor oil Magic Oil 2K Color

Brilliant Colours for distinctive wood floors

Oiled wood floors are in higher demand than ever before due to the endless variety of designs and appearances offered by the use of different timbers and floor laying patterns. Our wood floor experts’ latest development, the new Magic Oil 2K Color brings yet another design option to the market under the Pallmann brand. The two-component oil-wax combination is available in five colours, white, black, grey, dark brown and red-brown which enable the distinctive staining of wood floors.

The new colours of Magic Oil 2K Color astound through their deep intensity. The wax component of the product combines an open-pored, breathable surface with a natural satin matt finish. Time-efficient renovation is posiible with this two component oil-wax-combination which scores highly on account of its fast drying time of just 24 hours without compromising mechanical and chemical durability.

The water and dirt repellent surface achieved as a result of the application of Magic Oil 2K Color is comparable to any lacquered floor and is very slip resistant.