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Würzburg, 31.10.2012 - An “extreme double-act” covers every option in sealing heavily trafficked wood floors.

The new 1K and 2K wood floor lacquer – Pall-X Extreme

Würzburg, October 2012  – The new wood floor lacquer from Pallmann, Pall-X Extreme is extremely versatile, finding use in a range of areas from living spaces to retail floors. Owing to new Pallmann Variotec Technology the floor can be sealed using the product as a single component solution for heavy use, or as part of a two component application suitable for areas which are exposed to very heavy usage. The wood floor is sealed and protected against mechanical and chemical exposure. This new technology was developed in the Pallmann Research and Development department after reviewing comprehensive customer feedback gained from their extensive practical-use trials of Pallmann Pall-X Extreme.

The water-based wood floor lacquer Pall-X Extreme can be applied as single or two component system to all floor areas with expected high to very high traffic and abrasion. As such the 1-component version of Pall-X Extreme provides a good resistance against mechanical and chemical abrasion for wood floors subjected to normal to heavy wear.

The 2-component version – with the hardening component B – offers a high resistance to the heavy wear of sealed wood floors in areas subjected to high traffic such as in restaurants or retail areas.

The Pallmann Variotec technology, developed in the Pallmann labratories in Würzburg, Germany offers a broad range of application possibilities to satisfy different requirements for floor protection with respect to differing performance requirements.

Extremly hard wearing

Pall-X Extreme offers a high resistance to step and burn marks, the ability to withstand most chemicals, in addition it also repels dirt and therefore ensure easy aftercare..

This parquet seal system fullfils all requireemnts of the ÖNORM C 2354, category C (high resistance to strong wear).

Extremly variable

Other product properties include a good filling ability and a very good viscocity as well as a prolonged working life when used as the 2K-sealing system. The most outstanding property of Pall-X Extreme however is the flexibility in the choice of application, as well in the storage of the product for the wood floor professional. Owing to the new Pallmann Variotec system and product design it is now possible to respond to customer amendment requests promptly. This helps to cut costs and to optimise storage.