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Würzburg, 20.04.2012 - Wood floor sanding: simple and quick

New Edge Sander Gecko Star from Pallmann

The edge sanding of parquet and wood floors is even simpler for the parquet floor professional. The newly developed Gecko Star is introduced by Pallmann to the market as an edge sanding machine which perfectly meets the need for efficient and comfortable edge sanding This machine is  easy and intuitive to operate but stands out through particularly smooth and quiet operation, with high performance at 1800 Watts and top-class sanding results.

To compliment its ease of use, the Gecko Star works in almost dust free conditions owing to a remarkable vacuum mechanism. The user has the choice of connecting either a bag-system to collect the dust or an adapter for the Pallmann Dust vacuum cleaner. With this measure in place working with the Gecko Star turns sanding into a clean task.

Thanks to the remarkable design and the ergonomic arrangement of the handles the machine appearance is a true highlight. With the perfect balance between weight and performance power the Gecko Star allows for fatigue free working for longer working periods; in addition to this the integrated light of the Gecko Star illuminates the working area, reducing strain on the eye whilst highlighting any remaining scratch pattern.

Varying requirements of sites and floors can be accommodated by the contractor with ease by simply changing the sanding heads which come in two different lengths.